MAY 13-15 2021


We are all part of a bigger story.

Your passion, your skills, your talents, your calling: 

they all come to their full potential

when you get to know your Purpose

and learn to live it to the fullest.

Love Strong is a three-day online en offline manifestation. From finding His Presence, we're going to journey with you towards your passion so that you can start living out your God-given purpose.


The world needs to see the sons and daughters of God come to their full potential, to stand in their rightful place to impact society. 

Do you want to make a difference?

We are ambassadors of the Anointed One who carry the message of Christ to the world, as though God were tenderly pleading with them directly through our lips. So we tenderly plead with you on Christ’s behalf, “Turn back to God and be reconciled to him.”

2 Corinthians 5:20

The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!

Romans 8:19




By worshipping, we start in the right place: His presence. From here, everything flows. That is why we find it important to create space for this.

When we recognize God as He is, He will reveal Himself to us time and time again. How do you see God, and how does He see you?

There will be solid preaching that will stir up passion in your heart, and we will deepen this in our seminars about a wide range of topics.

Everything we do comes from passion. Passion is what gets us moving. What are you passionate about? What inspires YOU to act?

While we're on the way, you'll discover how God sees you, and what place He wants you are in, or wants you to move towards.

What steps will you take? How can God use your talents? In what place, and with what kinds of people? Where are you headed next?

Where Love Strong 2019 was centered on how you are sent to be His ambassad, this edition is centered around seeing you reach your full potential in your life and walk with God.

We believe God wants to reveal Himself through us, to this world. That is why we need to know who we are, and where we can make a difference. All of creation longs for and needs to see the Sons and Daughters of God revealed! (Rom 8:19)

Creative outreach

Again, we'll organize a big outreach. In one way, to be able to tell people about Jesus.


Next to that, we want to turn the Malieveld into a big art gallery, with inspiring speakers, music, dance, (performing) arts, and everything else connected to it. We want people to experience the the Zo brengen we mensen in contact met de beauty and creativity that God has put in us as His children.

Feel creative? Come join us!

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